RIS: Not adding computer to domain

I have just completed upgrading a Windows 2003 domain to Windows 2008. All has gone swimmingly. Everything seems to be working, apart from one thing: RIS.

Not working is a bit extreme. I can load the CIW, enter in all of the details such as computer name, OU, and choose the image that I want to deploy. The installation will commence, and complete. A computer account is created in the correct OU in AD, but after the machine reboots, it will just be a member of a workgroup. Had a look  in the log file (C:\Windows\setuperr.log), and found a not so helpful one liner:

Netsetup: Join domain ABCDE in full unattended mode failed. Setup will proceed to join the default workgroup.

No error code or anything. Nothing logged on the RIS server either. First of all I thought that I must have entered something wrong. I checked all of the details. All OK there.  

So – now proceeding to eliminate as many options as possible. I am starting with specifying the domain name explicitly in the .sif file.

Wish it was quick enough to rollback the AD upgrades to see if that is the cause!

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