ThinStation Installer – Working!!

As I am currently unable to get my Windows Installations to work correctly over RIS (note: this means the last attempt didn’t work…), I thought I would give a go to installing ThinStation using RIS, and for machine without PXE boot roms, a USB stick installer.

I thought from the outset that this would be quite a challenge. Little did I realise how easy it would be.

In 4 hours, I have managed to configure and test both methods of installing ThinStation. I’m so happy!!

Two bugs to sort out – most likely I removed a driver that I needed or haven’t enabled a package. 1. I cannot get any sounds that are playing on the Terminal Server to play on the client and 2. I cannot get any USB sticks inserted on the client to be registered on the server.

For those of you who are now wondering what ThinStation is and what I am jabbering on about, click the link below to find out more.

A bit of time tomorrow sorting out the two bugs and configuring the user experience on the server will mean that we have our thin client network sorted.

Maybe later I will post how I got it all to work and the network configuration that we have. Will also post later on the outcome when it is in use. (This is a test implementation.)

Ought to look at my Windows RIS install again now…

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2 thoughts on “ThinStation Installer – Working!!

  1. I will dig out the paperwork from work tomorrow and try to create a bit of a crib sheet. It was quite easy once I found out how, pretty much created a batch file which did the work for me.

    As I said, will get the details tomorrow and post back.

  2. What you managed to do is precisely what I’m trying to accomplish, but I lack experience. Did you happen to submit a brief overview and timeline of what needed to happen in what order?

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