Microsoft Exam 70-293 – Planning & Maintaining Win2k3

Just having a short break here from studying, and thought I would write a little post. Currently revising for the Microsoft exam 70-293 which I am taking on Monday (can think of other thigns to be doing on a Friday evening!). Just been going through and doing practice tests and looking things up on the Internet too. Nearly there though – I can now pass the practice tests and we are looking hopeful to pass the exam.

This is now one of the times that I wish that I worked in a larger network than I do. Currently I work with 15 servers and 530 clients, spread over a large site. There are some things though, that have just never been done at work, and now they are the points that I am falling down on. DNS/DHCP etc are fine, as they exist and are managed regularly. IPsec though has almost got me stumped. Also, Network Load Balancing, has never been considered because we just don’t have that much traffic!

Have been practicing and testing each of these little ‘niches’ though. Got my head around the encryption and authentication types and how filter lists, rules, and filter actions all tie in together.

It must be fantastic taking this exam if you have been exposed to all of this in a working environment before! Alas, maybe one day…

Oh, just before anyone comments, I do realise that I am only just taking the 2003 exams. I have been studying the entire course whilst I have been working, and learning as I do. Just taken me a while longer than I planned to actually complete all of the exams. I am looking forward to completing this and looking at the new features of Exchange 2010, Windows 7 (which I am already using) and SharePoint 2010.

After this, only 70-294 Planning and Maintaining Active Directory and 70-297 Designing Active Directory & Network Infrastructure to go!

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