Editing the Active Directory Schema

I am currently studying for Microsoft exam 70-294 (hence a bit quite on the posts) and can across the very short section about how to access the schema.

This got me round to thinking, ‘How do you edit the schema, and how difficult can it be really?’. It turns out that it is not that difficult at all.

It is something that I had thought about at work, to be able to store information from SIMS about our students in the directory, like their admission number to give them a unique reference when creating and deleting accounts automatically.

I found the following two articles to be very useful. The MS article gave a good background, but the Depicus article filled in the gaps and provided you with sample scripts to get you going. These are easy to edit and I was quickly able to add in another field which stored the SIMS Admission Number in the directory.



Just to re-iterate before anyone does anything accidental – changes to the schema cannot be reversed. Make sure you thoroughly test anything that you want to change on a lab forest first, as changes to the schema cannot be deleted, only marked as inactive. You have been warned!

Back to messing around with Windows Server 2003 in preparation for the exam tomorrow.

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One thought on “Editing the Active Directory Schema

  1. Looks interesting, did look at previous but that was going down the path of opening the database directly. Sounds like the sort of thing you want to backup first!!

    Good luck on the exam

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