70-294 – Passed!

1 more exam under my belt. Only 1 more to go to complete my MCSE. Got a score of 930/1000 – which I am very pleased with.

70-297 booked for week after next. Failed this once before (for a number of reasons – forgetting the date of the exam until the actual day being the main one). Going to have a bit of a cram session over the next two weekends. Don’t think there is much in the course that I don’t know, just need to try and get my head around how they mark the exam, and make sure that I complete all of the questions in the allocated time.

Already been having a look at what I need to do to then make my MCSE (as will be) up to Windows Server 2008 standard. Looks like I have to upgrade the course to become a Windows Server 2008 Technology Specialist. Think I will have to do exam 70-649 Upgrading you MCSE on Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 Technology Specialist. From what I can see this gives me most of what I need to become a MCITP: Server Administrator. Link below.


Going off now. I am now confused with the Microsoft upgrade paths and what is best. Might need to find someone to talk to.

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