Could not access OWA using HTTPS – Error 404

Symptoms here are:

  • Unable to access OWA
  • Outlook 2007 reports that it is unable to change any Out Of Office settings; server unavailable.

The enviroment: Microsoft Exchange 2007 running on Microsoft Windows Server 2008.

One other symptom, which I don’t know if this resolved or something else did, is that the Free/Busy information was not accurate when scheduling a meeting.

The fix:

  1. Ensure that you have a current server certificate, even self signed, in the Personal store for the local computer on the server.
  2. Open up IIS Manager
  3. Right click the Default Website (or the site that hosts OWA), and select Edit Bindings
  4. Make sure there is an entry there for https. If not create one.
  5. Edit the entry and make sure that the correct IP address and port settings are present.
  6. Ensure that the current certificate that you verified existed in step 1, is selected for the SSL Certficate.
  7. Click OK and clos all windows. No need to restart IIS, and your site and services should now be back up and running.
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