Redirect Website Root to /Exchange & Correct Protocols

Just been working on a way around one of life’s annoyances. To get to an OWA 2003 site on a Windows SBS 2003 box, I have to remember to put in https:// and remember to put /exchange at the end. It annoys me having to remember, I often forget the protocol and it wastes my time.

Today I had a chance to find a workaround for this. Turns out to be really simple.

I am using Windows Small Business Server 2003 Premium, which includes ISA 2004.

Log on to your server and open up the ISA Management Console. Select the Firewall node on the left, and look down the list for ‘SBS OWA Web Publishing Rule’.

Open up the properties and select the Bridging tab. On this tab ensure that only the ‘Redirect requests to SSL port’ is selected, along with you relevant SSL port.

Next hop back to the Paths tab. In the paths tab there wiull be three entries, one for Exchange, one for ExchWeb and one for Public. These are important and you must not edit these. Instead add a new path, with the internal name as /Exchange and an external name of /. Your window should look something like below.

Apply your changes, and test your work from a remote machine.

These instructions should also work if you have a separate ISA and Exchange server and are not running SBS.

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