Could Not Open file.doc from SharePoint Server 2010

I have found a couple of solutions to this on the web, but nothing like this.

We have SharePoint Server 2010 and Office 2010. I was browsing to a file located on My Site, but other documents . Excel or Word would open and then i would be told:

Could not open filename.doc

You would then click ok, the message disappeared and you would not have an open document.

In our case, it was nothing to do with IE security settings, or Office 2010 protected mode.

We had been trialling SharePoint WorkSpace with a copy f my My Site attached so that I could work on my MySite documents at home. The copy that was stored on my computer had not been updated as I had disabled the option to start SharePoint WorkSpace after I was happy that it would work.

The fix for me therefore was to either delete the local sync copy or to have it update the local copy.

Back to be able to get my work.

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  1. Solution stated in following address solved my problem:
    Problem Solved. It was a problem with Internet Explorer. Instead of clicking the “REstore advanced settings” button in the advanced tab of internet options, I clicked on the “reset” button to reset internet explorer settings. Read the warning carefully as there may be settings that you will need to manually reset afterwards.

  2. Reboot the computer, login as local administrator. Chech the profile name to ex. jdow_old
    Then log back into the computer with your network account. This will create a new user profile on the computer. Once you have logged in see if you can open the Sharepoint documents. If successful copy the connect from your old profile to your new user profile. This is a work around until we can find the solution. I’m thinking it’s a Office service pack file that is causing the issue.

  3. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WebClient\Parameters\BasicAuthLevel to 2. The BasicAuthLevel can be set to the following values:
    • 0 – Basic authentication disabled
    • 1 – Basic authentication enabled for SSL shares only
    • 2 or greater – Basic authentication enabled for SSL shares and for non-SSL shares
    3. On the Edit menu, point to New, and then click DWORD Value.
    4. Type BasicAuthLevel, and then press ENTER.
    5. Right-click BasicAuthLevel, and then click Modify.
    6. In the Value data box, type 2, and then click OK.

    Restart computer.

  4. Here is what I have discovered: there is a version of this problem that screws you and is not solveable. I’ve done:

    1. Restored all IE defaults
    2. Cleared the browser cache
    2. Added trusted locations in IE and Word
    3. Changed the Trust Center settings
    4. Changed proxy settings / automatically detect in IE and variations thereof
    5. Delete AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\14.0\OfficeFileCache
    6. Repair Office
    7. Delete / recreate file associations
    8. Uninstall / reinstall Office and reboot
    9. Uninstall / reinstall IE and reboot
    10. Disable firewall
    11. Fiddle around with registry settings
    12. Fiddle around with SharePoint security settings

    I’ve done all the above and more, and nothing fixes the error. This on a machine where it was working just the previous day. The only thing remaining is pretty much a format / complete re-install.

  5. Often the reason for this error is when you have a file being edited directly from SharePoint on one computer, then you go to edit it from another computer while the document is still open on the first computer.

    One way to get around this is to check out the document on the second computer, then try to edit it.

    Hope that helps.

    PortalFront SharePoint Hosting

  6. Hi,

    I cannot get my Office 2010 to open files from my new SharePoint 2010 server. I searched and tried everything I could find on the internet and had no success. I’m starting to wonder if Office 2010 even works with SP2010. My Office 2010 worked with my SP2007 server.

    This post is one of the very few I found on the internet that actually says Office 2010 works with SharePoint 2010. I hope you don’t mind if you can confirm that you can actually open office files from SharePoint 2010 with your Office 2010 client.

    Because I’m starting to wonder if Office 2010 can really open and edit any office file on SharePoint 2010.

    Thank you.


    1. Hi David,

      I can confirm that we definitely have Office 2010 opening documents direct from SharePoint 2010.

      I can’t remember having any real problems with getting this to work either. If you can give me some more detail, such as errors, I could see if I can replicate the problem for you?


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