Data Protection – Just Can’t Get Enough

Ok, not strictly IT here, but important none the less.

Data Protection is big, and whilst you personally cannot be prosecuted for breaching the Act, your company can be fined.

Just had a check up on the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) – and found some new resources.

Th!nk Privacy is a campaign developed between the ICO and Blue Goose. It is a collectionof posters and resources which can be used to reinforce your Data Protection training. Use it on routine security sweeps and compliance should increase.

Combine this with the ICO’s offering of free resources for organisations which they can use to protect themselves and provide training.

All this provides you with no reason to protect personal information and comply with the Data Protection Act. The weakest link tends to be staff, so use this to reduce that risk.

Th!nk Privacy:

ICO Publications:

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