Untangle 9.3.2 on Hyper-V 2012

I have just been playing with getting an Untangle (http://www.untangle.com) server up and running on a Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V install. Looking at this as a possible replacement to ISA 2004 on our current Windows SBS 2003 install.

I had read up various articles of problem that have been encountered with network adapters, no mouse and install problems – all of which appeared to be on Hyper-V 2008.

So, I took the jump (server is still in development, so plenty of scope for testing stuff out). I created a VM using the following:

  • 1 processor
  • 768mb RAM (dynamic)
  • 20gb VHDX fixed disk
  • 2 legacy NICs, bound to 2 different VLAN’s through the same virtual switch

Booted it up, and it picked up the install CD straight away. It passed through all of the hardware pre-requisite checks and was installed and at the config screen in about 10 mins.

I was very surprised to find that the mouse worked out of the box – no integration services installed. So, that made installation a touch easier.

Once I had identified which NIC i had assigned to which VLAN, I managed to get it hooked up to the Internet, where it picked up all the appliances. I installed the Lite pack (saved clicking loads of apps).

Now that I was able to get in I decided to see if the VM would support using a standard virtual network adapter, so changed the internal one, and rebooted. And from this, I can confirm that Untangle 9.3.2 does not detect a standard NIC in Hyper-V. So, reverted back, reset the network configuration and we were back online.

I hooked up my PC to the internal VLAN, and was able to get on the Internet, no problem at all. My statistics in Untangle started going up as I spent some time doing some general browsing.

My next challenge is going to be seeing if I can install the Integration Services pack, or if indeed it is actually built in like some distro’s are. Debian is not listed on the MS support guests website, but it can’t hurt trying. Here is a list of the support guest OS on 2012: http://technet.microsoft.com/library/hh831531.aspx

It’s too early to say if performance wise it is any good running on a VM. As it is working, I should imagine I will put it on test for a couple of weeks and see what happens. Will also monitor how it goes once I get a couple more VM’s set up, running Server 2012 with Exchange and another running Server 2008 with SharePoint. That will add some heat to the situation and then see if Untangle can still keep up.

Will post again once I have a change to test the Integration Services and give an update on performance when we get into some more serious testing.


Having now got this set up a bit more, and actually in a production environment, I have some more information on two things:

The Mouse

Now that it is in production, I am using a remote desktop connection to administer the Hyper-V host server. I can connect to the host server, and open up my Untanghle serve in the VM Connection – and the mouse does not work. If i plug back in a mouse to the actual server, I can use the mouse inside Untangle. So I guess if you are using a KVM solution to control your Hyper-V server then you will probably be ok, if not, you may be a touch stuck.

VLAN’s and Legacy Networking

The Internet connection is on a separate VLAN to the guest WIFI network, but the same switch. I wasn’t looking to put in any extra NIC’s to my Hyper-V host, so experimented with VLAN assignment.

I configured a NIC team (Broadcom adapters) on the Hyper-V host, with no VLAN assignments at that level, as per MS best practice. A Virtual Switch then connects to this, again with no VLAN assignment.

Of my two legacy NIC’s on the VM, one was configured for the public WIFI vlan, and one configured for the Internet VLAN. I rebooted the Untangle server and again this works. I was able to connect to the Untangle server from clients on the public wifi and be prompted with the desired capture portal page.

Interestingly, all of the NIC’s show as disconnected in Untangle, despite it working. I am guessing that must be an issue with how the VM is presenting NIC status to Linux.

Integration Services

As yet, I have not managed to get Integration Services installed.

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6 thoughts on “Untangle 9.3.2 on Hyper-V 2012

  1. Okay, got past that newbie block (no mouse), just connect directly from workstation using Hyper-V Manager rather than via a Remote Desktop session to a server running Hyper-V Manager.

    Any updates on your follow-on experience? One vCPU or more (what did you use)? Did you get the Hyper-V network adapter working or are you using the Legacy network adapter?

    1. Hi,

      I haven’t had a chance to spend too much time testing Linux IC with Untangle. As far as I can see, there still isn’t official support for Debian from Microsoft on the Integration Services. I am currently running Untangle on 1 vCPU with a Legacy Adapter (had a lot of issues if I remember with the HyperV adapter).

      Have to be honest that I am currently looking at dropping Untangle, as I am only using it to run a captive portal, and I am able to include that functionality at the firewall that is running pfSense, which will release resources that I have tied up on my HyperV server and move the load to the firewall. Will be even better for me on a security point of view as my guest wireless traffic never has to touch my HyperV host.

  2. I am setting this up as well, ran into the mouse issue right away. Can’t seem to find a way to manipulate the GUI configuration screens using only a keyboard.

    As to networking, I’m using Hyper-V switches: External Switch Untangle Internal Switch SBS Server.

    Any further luck with your testing vis-à-vis Hyper-V Integration Components? Maybe drop into a Terminal Session during Debian setup and use apt-get to install HIC?

    1. I access the untangle VM from The Host hyper-v machine

      All I have to do is already RDP into the host hyper-v machine and I can control untangle from RDP in that way

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