Setting Max Concurrent Mailbox Moves on all CAS Servers

Have been working on a migration of a whole load of mailboxes. One of the first things I came across is the pre-defined limit on the number of concurrent mailbox moves that can be completed on a CAS server in an Exchange environment.

I knew that our environment could handle a few more moves than the limit of 2, particularly out of hours. I wanted to ensure that if anyone started any moves within business hours though that a limit was still applied.

So, I went and wrote this little script below. It goes through and updates all of the CAS servers in your Exchange environment and sets the value of the concurrent moves to whatever you specify. I then scheduled this to run each day at the end of the day to allow more scheduled moves overnight, and ran it again in the morning with the original limit of 2 moves just before we opened.

It uses Invoked Sessiosn too, so as long as remoting has been enabled on your CAS servers, then you don’t need Exchange installed on the box that you are going to run from.

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