WhatsUp Gold Raspberry Pi Monitor

I have worked out a way to get a full screen display of a specific dashboard for use with a digital signage display using a Raspberry Pi, using only a web browser.

The Dashboard client was ok, but required a Windows machine, and although we could use the existing web page with automatic login (http://community.whatsupgold.com/forums/whatsupgoldeditionsstandardandpremiumeditions/automatic-login-by-url) too much space was lost using the menu and title bars.

So, here it is:

  1. On your WUG server, browse to the installation directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Ipswitch\WhatsUp\HTML\NmConsole\Workspace\HomeWorkspace
  2. Take a copy of HomeWorkspace.asp and call it HomeWorkspaceMonitor.asp
  3. Open the file in your favourite editor and remove the following sections:
    1. AddNavigation();
    2.  <% AddWorkspaceViewTabs(WT_UNIVERSAL); %>
    3.  <div id=”titlebar”>
      ‘ <h2><%= $.tr(“Home”) %></h2>
      ‘ <% AddWorkspaceToolbarButtons($.tr(“Home Dashboard”), WT_UNIVERSAL) %>
  4. Save the file.
  5. Open up your browser and enter the URL, substituting your server name, the ID of the workspace you want to view and a valid username and password: http://localhost/NmConsole/Workspace/HomeWorkspace/HomeWorkspaceMonitor.asp?HomeWorkspace.nWorkspaceID=10025&sUsername=DisplayRead&sPassword=DisplayRead

This gave us a page with only the actual content of the dashboard. We set the user account to have very limited access, and then set a Raspberry Pi to autoload Firefox, full screen and browse to this page.


Hopefully this will be useful to others

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