Modifying GPO Printer Deployment using PowerShell

We use the Deployed Printers feature in the Print Management console to deploy printers to users. As part of the printer migration that I have been working on, I needed to modify all of these GPOs so that all of the policies directed all of the users to the new print server.

There are over 200 policies in existence. That would be a lot of manual work, that would be prone to errors.

Also, I needed to be able to change over print servers in around an hour. Editing 200 policies in an hour would be impossible.

This is what the result of this conundrum is. The script below goes out to find all of the deployed printers in all GPOs in the domain. It then looks for the name of the old print server, and replaces it with the name of the new print server.

The script fully supports the -WhatIf switch, and also an output of all of the printers that were found and what changes were made is output at the end of the process. I suggest that the output is piped to a variable, which can then be formatted as a table or exported into something more readable. I just provide the raw data here, you can do with it as you wish.

You will need the ActiveDirectory module loaded in your Powershell session, and you will also need to be running this script as a user that has sufficient permissions to modify GPO in your domain.

As always, test on a lab before running this on your production servers!

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