PowerShell: Move SnapMirror Destinations to a New Aggregate (7-Mode)

We got some new disk shelves in to replace some old ones on our NetApp filer. The old disks had a lot of SnapMirror destination volumes.All these needed migrating to the new disks. Initially we were planning on creating a new set of SnapMirrors from the source volumes to the destinations, and once these were complete, remove the original mirrors. This seemed like a long winded wasteful process – we did not particularly want 30Tb of data re-transmitted over the network, especially as an fully internal transfer would run at a significantly higher speed.

Also, we wanted to automate this process as much as possible, as this provided the smallest scope for error.

Hence the following script was born.

It runs through quite a simple process:

  • Load the DataONTAP PowerShell module if it is not available
  • Connect to the specified filer
  • Check that the source volume and the destination aggregate exist
  • Get details of the NFS exports on the volume and remove all NFS exports
  • Break the current SnapMirror relationship
  • Perform a Volume Move of the now writeable SnapMirror destination
  • Re-create the NFS exports
  • Re-sync the SnapMirror

The NFS exports have to be removed, as volume moves are not supported on volumes that have any exports configured. As long as the script runs to the end, the exports will be recreated once everything has completed.

If you wanted to use this to move a bunch of destinations to a new volume, then a short snippet like this does the job for you:

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