‘You Have Been Logged On With a Temporary Profile’ when all profiles have been redirected to a specific location

This is a very strange issue, which I think will only affect a handful of people, and only those who have the right mix of configurations as described below.

Users logging on to a Windows 7 machine received the following popup:

Temporary ProfileThis message implied that there would be some informative details in the Event Log, unfortunately in this situation, nothing. No errors, no warnings, no information.

On this particular machine we were using the following GPO setting to force users to a specific roaming profile location. The machines are all sat inside a controlled network so access to the normal profile was not allowed.

Computer Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> System –> User Profiles –> Set roaming profile path for all users logging onto this computer

In the ProfileList key in the registry you can see the location that has been configured for the Central Profile (i.e the server copy of the roaming profile). Checking out the key for the specific user showed the following. The value can be found at: HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList\SID.

UserProfileRegKeyThe GPO was only configured with \\server\profiles$\%username% though. The addition of the Domain component into the path was unexpected.

After clearing all the profiles from the local machine, and rebooting, thinking that something must be corrupt, the issued recurred. Running a ProcMon against the system at boot time and tracking the change to this key showed the user profile service creating the CentralProfile value and populating it with the wrong value from the start.

This machine is quite heavily managed, and this involves running a couple of PowerShell scripts as scheduled tasks at startup. We had configured the tasks to run as local only, as they did not require any access to network resources. They were configured as below:

User Profile - Scheduled Task For some reason, even though this task was set to run locally, it was influencing the location of the roaming profile. Most strangely, it wasn’t just influencing the path of the profile for the account that was configured in the scheduled task, it was influencing all user accounts that logged on to the machine.

The fix for us was fortunately very simple. The job that the task was doing could quite easily be achieved by using the local SYSTEM account. After changing the task credentials, I did have to clear out all of the profiles from the system to remove the incorrect values, but since this change, the accounts have all loaded the correct profiles from the correct locations.

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