Maximum Number of PowerShell Parameter Sets in Function

I have been working on a module which includes a function that has many options for how it can be executed. Through the flexibility of Parameter Sets I have been able to define in detail all of the available options and use the built in validation to minimise the amount of variable checking that I need to do in the main code block of the function.

However, I appear to have hit a limitation with regards to the number of distinct Parameter Sets that you can define. When I added my 33rd parameter set, the sets stopped being evaluated properly, and the Get-Help function –ShowWindow command showed some duplicate sets and only ever 32 combinations.

When I only have 32 parameter sets, everything works as it should, any more seems to break the functionality. This is using PowerShell 3.0.

I have not been able to find any documentation on the web to either confirm or deny this limitation.

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2 thoughts on “Maximum Number of PowerShell Parameter Sets in Function

    1. Unfortunately not. It appears to be the same in PowerShell 5 as well. Never did find anything documenting the limitation either.

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