I’m back!

Now back in to doing some proper geeky stuff, which is what I love doing. So, here marks the start of a new set of posts which actually provide useful (at least in my opinion) tools, fixes, and scripts. Kicking off with a little bit of Exchange, got a couple of NetApp PowerShell tools in the
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VMWare Player: Set Default VM Location

The GUI of VMWare Player does not allow you to change the default location of your new VMs. However, a modification to the preferences file can. Open up the following file in your favorite text editor:

Add in the following line, changing the path to your desired location:

Save, restart VMWare Player, and
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Data Protection – Just Can’t Get Enough

Ok, not strictly IT here, but important none the less. Data Protection is big, and whilst you personally cannot be prosecuted for breaching the Act, your company can be fined. Just had a check up on the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) – and found some new resources. Th!nk Privacy is a campaign developed between the
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