This script simplifies the running of iBehave updates. It uses SIMS Command Reporter to run all the reports, and then runs the iBehaveImporter.exe application automatically. This saves the user manually running all the reports and then having to run the iBehaveImporter.


  1. Download the package below.
  2. Extract the contents to the folder which contains the iBehaveImporter.exe application
  3. Open up the Configuration.xml file in Notepad
  4. In the Settings node edit the SIMS_Username setting and the SIMS_Password setting. I recommend that you create a new user in SIMS specifically for this purpose. I have listed the permissions required below.
  5. In the Settings node edit the iBehave_Import_Directory setting and type in the path to the folder where the iBehaveImporter.exe application is stored.
  6. In the Settings node edit the Delete_CSV_Files attribute to choose whether the exported CSV files are deleted after the update is run. I recommend that you leave this set as True.
  7. In the Processing node edit the IBehaveImporter command line and enter the SQL Server and instance name for iBehave.
  8. Save the configuration.xml file

I have noticed that sometimes the reports are called different names in SIMS. If that is the case, the change the SIMS_Name in the configuration file.

Running an Update

Once the setup above is complete, an update can be run by simply double clicking the Update.vbe file.


The iBehave Updater files can be downloaded here.

Download “iBehaveUpdater” – Downloaded 1123 times – 3 KB


As I mentioned earlier, I highly recommend creating a new SIMS User to run the iBehave Importer. This stops a users password being stored plain text in the file (sorry, I know this is a weakness), and stops issues should the user’s password ever change.

The permissions that the user account will require in SIMS are:

  • Administration Assistant
  • Personnel Assistant
  • Personnel Data Exporter
  • Third Party Reporting

In the Future

Although I have had this running for a little while, there are a couple of things that I am planning to add in:

  • Logging – so that when it doesn’t work, you may be able to tell why
  • Hiding the Command Reporter windows – because they annoy me that they pop up and stop you being able to even type an email
  • Deleting the exported files – a little bit of data protection here, so that there are not CSV files lurking with lots of data in them.  Done! 

Hoping I might get all this done shortly. If you have another suggestion though, please let me know and I will try to add it in.

Legal Stuff

For all purposes, The copyright of the code, and the use and development of iBehaveUpdater are held by myself. There should be no resale, or distribution of the program or code without confirmation from myself first.

Usage of the program is under the agreement that no liablility is placed upon the developer, or any related users/forums.

The program can be used “for the purpose it was designed” for free within any educational institutes, as long as this isn’t modified.

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