I’m back!

Now back in to doing some proper geeky stuff, which is what I love doing. So, here marks the start of a new set of posts which actually provide useful (at least in my opinion) tools, fixes, and scripts. Kicking off with a little bit of Exchange, got a couple of NetApp PowerShell tools in the
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Converting RTF-HTML – Not possible in a thread?

Been working on an application that needed to convert some RTF to HTML. Initially I thought this would be a reasonably simple requirement, and hoped that .Net might even include such a function to do this. Alas, I was being too optimistic. So, trusting Google, ended up on this post from Matthew Manela – http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/Converting-between-RTF-and-aaa02a6e
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Using Enum with ComboBox and setting Combobox value – VB.net

This is my take on setting a combobox to use an enum which has both a description and key value set. It also shows how this works when trying to assign a value to the combobox. Enum MyLogEnum Error = 1 Warning = 2 Information = 3 End Enum ComboBox_LogLevel.DataSource = System.Enum.GetValues(GetType(MyLogEnum)) And to assign
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VMWare Player: Set Default VM Location

The GUI of VMWare Player does not allow you to change the default location of your new VMs. However, a modification to the preferences file can. Open up the following file in your favorite text editor:

Add in the following line, changing the path to your desired location:

Save, restart VMWare Player, and
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Microsoft Lync Conversation Cleanup

Microsoft Lync Conversation Cleanup

New mini-project complete and available here: https://www.craig-tolley.co.uk/mini-projects/microsoft-lync-conversation-cleanup/ This tool removes duplicated conversation parts from Microsoft Outlook Conversation History, making your history smaller and more manageable. 3 people found this post useful. Mark this post as useful. Unmark this post as useful.