When I am not working with computers I am a lighting designer. Shortly I am hoping that I might be able to find some photos of work that I have done in the past and post them here.

I have included a list of some of the shows that I have worked on. This is by no means exhaustive, but a selection of highlights.

I try to be the person who can always make it happen. I love the pressure of making things work and look great whilst keeping costs down. I can pick up the principles of using various consoles and equipment quickly, and pride myself on having a professional outlook for performances.


Some of the shows that I have lit include:

For Nine Lives Theatre Company

  • A Midsummer Nights Dream – April 2006
  • Tale of Two Cities – April 2007
  • Measure for Measure – April 2008
  • The Rover – April 2009
  • Selection Box – January 2006/07/08/09/10
  • In Performance – November 2005/06/07/08
  • Musicality – March 2010
  • Musicality – May 2011
  • Save the Nine Lives Theatre Company – May 2011
  • Musicality – May 2012

For Right Angles Theatre (RATz) (http://www.anglestheatre.co.uk)

  • Summer Holiday – September 2006
  • His Dark Materials – November 2011
  • Fawlty Towers – June 2013
  • AvenueQ – October 2013

For March Amateur Dramatics and Operatics Society (http://www.madaos.org)

  • Barnum – April 2006
  • Kiss Me Kate – April 2007
  • Carousel – April 2008
  • Copacabana – April 2009
  • Calamity Jane – April 2010
  • Mack & Mabel – April 2011
  • Footloose – April 2012

For Royal Air Force Association – Wisbech Branch

  • RAF Swing Wing Concert – 30th April 2010
  • RAF Swing Wing Concert – 29th April 2011
  • RAF Swing Wing Concert – 16th March 2013

For Thomas Clarkson Community College (http://www.thomasclarkson.co.uk)

  • Blossom Ball – May 2010
  • May Ball – May 2011

For Wisbech Operatic and Dramatic Society (http://www.waods.org.uk)

  • Dr Dolittle – July 2011

For The Wisbech Players (http://www.wisbechplayers.org.uk)

  • Are You Being Served – April 2013
  • Tartuffe – November 2013
  • Neighborhood Watch – April 2014

Projection & Animation

Projection and animation is becoming increasingly used in productions to enhance the look, provide effects not possible with lighting and set and to reduce costs of sets and cloths.

  • AvenueQ – October 2013

Full 2D animations for all required scenes, with extra images provided to enable the projection to blend into the set when not in use. Front projection built in to the set.

  • Copacabana – April 2009

Back projection as replacement to cloths and scenery. Provided and edited images to suit the various scenes

  • Carousel – April 2008

Back projection as replacement to cloths and scenery. Provided and edited images to suit the various scenes.

Sound Design

Not something that I do on a regular basis here, but have got the opportunity to get back into a bit of sound design. As you can see there is a bit of a gap!

For Right Angles Theatre (RATz) (http://www.anglestheatre.co.uk)

  • Bugsy Malone – April 2005
  • A Slice of Saturday Night – October 2012

For Wisbech Operatic and Dramatic Society (http://www.waods.org.uk)

  • Drowsy Chaperone – May 2012

For Wisbech Players (http://www.wisbechplayers.org.uk/)

  • Calendar Girls – October 2012


Everyone likes to look at a picture. I am trying to find all the photos from some of the shows that have have lit above.  As I find I will post here.

Save the Nine Lives Theatre Company


His Dark Materials

I have also been programmer for a number of other shows. I am competent on the use of the Strand 300/500 series consoles and the Zero 88 Jester. Some experience with using GrandMA, Avolites Pearl/Sapphire and ETC Ion.

Hoping to get a few more photos in shortly.

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